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These standards apply to all ZeCircle servers, they are subject to change at any time.

ZeCircle also includes by adoption all the rules defined by koyu.space: https://koyu.space/about/more#rules

Last update: 2022-05-22

Examples of behaviors that are not allowed, regardless of intent, include but are not limited to:

Chat Abuse

Abusive language, inappropriate topics or jokes, misleading information, or any kind of spam (including switching locations).


Advertising third-party websites, servers, social media, or giveaways.


Threatening to or actively doxing, DDOSing, harassing or blackmailing others, sharing personal information, or sending malicious links.

Unfair Advantages

Disallowed modifications, macros, bug abuse, exploiting, boosting, scripting, or punishment evading.

With the exception of the Anarchy server on Minecraft where everything is allowed, except for any behavior that could cause the server to crash.

Account Abuse

Selling, trading, giving away any accounts, or sharing accounts between players.

Game Abuse

Cross-teaming, team-griefing, encouraging rule-breaking, inappropriate builds or drawings.

Inappropriate Content and Cosmetics

Capes, skins, usernames, item names, signs, pet names, Housing content, Guild content, and SkyBlock content.

Game Trading

Trading game content, items, currency, services or accounts via third party websites, or external/outside game trading.